The only producer of Ichthammol and white mineral oils in Russia

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(Light Liquid Paraffin)

WHITE MINERAL OIL is severely refined oil with highest degree of purity. This oil is suitable for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries, for direct and indirect food contact. WHITE MINERAL OIL surpass the current requirements of USP, BP and EP.

Test description Test method MX-150 MX-200 MX-250 MX-300
1AppearanceVisualTransparent, colourless, odorless liquid free from suspended impurities
2Colour, SayboltASTM D 156+30+30+30+30
4Density at 20oC, gm/ml, maxASTM D 12980.8900.8900.8900.890
5Kinematic Viscosity at 100oC, cStASTM D 4452.0 – 5.05.0 – 7.07.0 – 8.08.0 – 9.5
6Kinematic Viscosity at 40oC, cStASTM D 44511.0 – 25.025.1 – 40.040.1 – 58.058.1 – 80.0
7Flash point, oC, minASTM D 92145185185185
8Pour point, oC, maxASTM D 97-9-8-8-8
9Acidity or AlkalinityUSP/BPPassesPassesPassesPasses
10Solid paraffinsUSP/BPPassesPassesPassesPasses
11Sulphur compoundsASTM D 4294NoneNoneNoneNone

White mineral oil. Certification documents.