The only producer of Ichthammol and white mineral oils in Russia

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(Pharmaceutical grades)

White Petroleum Jelly is manufactured from blends of waxes and pure oils. Because of their purity they are widely used as base for ointments, salves, veterinary and cosmetic applications. They are also used extensively in food processing, plastics, rubber, tobacco, paper and rope industries. Complies USP, BP, EP requirements

Test description Test method PJ-48 PJ-50 PJ-52 PJ-54 SPJ-54
1AppearanceVisualTranslucent, soft unctuous, retaining these characters on storage and when melted and allowed to cool without stirring; not more than slightly florescent by day light, even melted; odourless when rubbed on screen.
2ColourVisualWhiteSnow white
4Density at 20oC, gm/ml, maxASTM D 4052>0.820>0.820>0.822>0.824>0.824
5Kinematic Viscosity at 100oC, cStASTM D 4453 – 43 – 45 – 6.256.25 – 73 – 4
6Drop melting point, oCASTM D 12748 – 5050 – 5252 – 5454 – 5654 – 58
7Congealing point, oCASTM D 9384648505152
8Cone penetration, dmmASTM D 937165160155150145

Other viscosities and special grades on request.

Petroleum jelly/ vaseline. Certification documents.