The only producer of Ichthammol and white mineral oils in Russia

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ICHTHAMMOL is not only useful in human applications but is also widely used in veterinary applications. It can be used on all mammals, even food and milk producing animals. It is commonly used to treat boils and abscesses, especially in horses. ICHTHAMMOL (DSSO) in veterinary.

  • Ichthammol ointment - commonly used in 10% or 20% concentrate ointment also called black ointment or black drawing salve, is a home remedy used for many animal skin disorders. It has drawing effect, also has antibacterial, antimycotic and anti-inflammatory properties;
  • Solution with Ichthammol for injections – has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, improve animal metabolism;
  • Suppositories with Ichthammol – prophylactic and treatment of animal gynecological disorders;
  • Ichthammol water solution – prophylactic and treatment of animal hooves disorders.
Specifications Accepted limits
VET grade
1Formation of a resinous precipitateCorresponds
2Reaction of ammonium saltsCorresponds
3Identification of SulphurCorresponds
4Acidity of AlkalinityCorresponds
5Sulphated Ash, max0.3%
6Dry Matter50.0 – 56.0%
7Total Sulphur, min10.0%
8Ammonium Sulphate, max8%
9Total ammonia2.5% Min.
10Relative density1.040 – 1.085
11Consistency and ColourDense, blackish-brown liquid with specific smell
12Miscibility water and glycerolComplete